My Etsy Shop, Round 2

Okay, so my first attempt with selling on etsy didn't work out. I had a grand total of zero customer. But guess what. I've decided to resurrect my shop from the dead. I mean, I can't do any worse, right?

To get me pumped, I spent a good part of last night getting inspired.

I didn't have to look further than The Multiple Occasion Gift Card, created by annarubyking. So so so clever! It's a perfect all purpose gift card. The card covers greetings such as Happy Birthday, Be My Valentine, Bon Voyage, I love You, Congratulations, and so on. Just locate the greeting you need in the word jumble, circle and you are done! The photo you see here show how it works. The card will come unmarked. *swoon*

Blue Umbrella Screen Printed Wooden Card from madebykeli is pretty igneous, too. Instead of printing on paper, she printed on a wooden veneer card! I think I would be thrilled to receive this card in the mail. Of course, I have tons of paper supplies that I need to use up so don't expect to see any wooden cards in my etsy shop. ;) Cool idea, though.

With all the hype about "going green", these cards may sell big to those who are environmentally conscience. I, too, jumped on the bandwagon not long ago and I have a handful of recycled cardstock and envelopes already at home. I really like the simple design of this card. It's definitely doable for me. (Owl Christmas Cards on Kraft by owlbot)

So I am totally inspired! I am ready to get the show (um, shop?) back on the road. But truthfully, my shop won't be back from the dead overnight, in the next month, or even before the end of the year. However, it will return! Please stay tuned...


  1. I think I used one of your marci cards already for eddy's aunt.

  2. These are great! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. I say sell that Gocco thing and make a nice profit off of it. Yup!


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