Miracle Baby: The Brave One

The Miracle Baby Story: Part I and II

Four weeks and counting! Miracle is surely growing. I need to do a better job of updating! It's not due to laziness, but mostly because Miracle likes to hide under the rock. When I took this picture earlier today, it was the first time I've seen him swimming about. It's like, he's not afraid of the other fishes anymore. He knows he's safe in his little high rise building. Miracle is also good at digging and picking on rocks. Just like his father, Easter. He eats well, too. Whenever he finishes a meal, he tummy gets very prominent.

I think it will be another 4 to 6 weeks until he will be big enough to join the rest of the clan in the big tank.


  1. He better grow up big and fast or he'll end up being a yummy meal for one of the other fishies in the tank.

  2. RIP...10/25/2008

    I have avenged you my son...


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