Lucia's Italian Ristorante

The hubs and I kicked off the weekend with dinner at a small neighborhood restaurant last night. We have been to Lucia's Italian Ristorante several times before. Oooh how we love that place! The interior is nice and cozy. There is never a long wait for the food. Friendly staff. We return again and again.

We go all out with appetizers, subs, and desserts. The whole nine yards. The large portions always guarantee a meal for another day.

As usual, on top of our favorites, calamari and hot wings, we ordered the famous Carnavale. The sub was piled high with assorted meats and topped with onions, tomatoes, mayo, and crushed peppers. Mmmmmm GOOD! I finished the meal with mango gelato and the hubs had a big slice of cheesecake.

It was a great meal!

Okay, now here is my secret. Go here and buy a $25 gift certificate for $10. We actually got it for $2 because of a coupon code. The catch, though, is that there is always a minimum purchase to use the coupon. So beware and read the fine print carefully. For Lucia's, it is $50 (but when we bought it, almost a year ago, it was $35). We calculated it perfectly and spend close to, if not exactly, $35.

There are lots of options to choose from on Maybe you will find something in your own neighborhood. Just rememeber to look for additional coupon code to make the deal even sweeter. Just sayin'.

Lucia's Italian Ristorante
(Fox Mill Shopping Center)
2531 John Milton Dr
Herndon, VA 20171


  1. Yes, were are in a recession. Just because one makes big bucks doesn't mean you have to part with it. Stay frugal and full at the same time. And don't let the pic fool ya, the place has mostly take-out patrons, the food is pretty damn good. Then again, if we were Italian, we'd probably be sticking to Maggiano's, which also has a dear spot in our hearts.

  2. Mmm, mango gelato...sounds divine! And hey! I gave you another award just now. It's a cute one too :)


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