Kung Fu Panda

Usually on any given weeknight, I am glued to my laptop and the hubs does his own random things (studying, playing, or movie-watching). Last night we decided to spend some quality time together.

We watched Kung Fu Panda, and omg, it was so cool. We laughed and smiled and enjoyed it so much. I have the attention span of a 3 yo, but I actually stayed in my seat throughout the whole movie. There were some little lessons sprinkled throughout the movie, too.

The humor was universally funny, the culture was dead-on, and the story hit home with me. Not only the movie was visually appealing (the animation and scenery was breathtakingly beautiful), it was also well written (you'll find a deeper and more engaging story than merely Po trying to master martial arts). Po proved that heroism comes from the heart, not from exercising kicks and hits from dusk till dawn, and, by extension, that there's a hero in each of us ordinary folks.

I dare to say it was even better than Wall-E! It was really delightfully entertaining. One of the top movies I've seen in years!

I give it five stars. I was indeed “blinded by its awesomeness”. It had us doing some kung fu kicks of our own in the living room. Haha.

So go. Make a movie night out of it. You won't be disappointed.


  1. WTF? Better than Wall-E?? Well, given that we're Chinese and all, this KungFu Panda flick does hit closer to home. Plus, Jack Black is so badass. Still though, I like Wall-E more for the heart and soul.


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