Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Downloads

Are you a avid coupon-clipper like me? If yes, have I got a special find for you! Print this out on cardstock and you got yourself a nifty lookin' envelope to stash all those coupons. I am retiring my plain old mailing envelope this second. I may print out more than one for my top-secret documents, too. Shhh...

Compliments of 16 Sparrows - Valuable Document Envelope

Want to get even more organized? This little print-out not only gives you a place to menu-plan your heart out, but it also includes a shopping list section. I am saying "no thanks" to this one, though. I don't keep a shopping list for groceries. I buy only the sale items and base my cooking on those ingredients. Still, it may work for you!

Compliments of Russell & Hazel - Menu Planner Sheet
And lastly, just something silly and maybe excessive. Download and print some bookplates for the little ones...or yourself!

Compliments of Emily Martin and available at CraftSanity - Bookplates

Gotta love the wonderful world of Internet!

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  1. What in the world is this stuff? More stuff to hold all the other stuff? Strange little girl this one is...Joyce is her name? Peculiar...