Get Your Free Scoop

Happy Election Day!

It's drizzling so the hubs and I don't feel like going out to get ice cream. Remember to get yours if you are out and about. Free scoop at Ben and Jerry's!

We voted at exactly 2:30pm this afternoon! It was quick and painless - in and out in 10 minutes.

Get excited, peeps! Within hours our phones will stop ringing with robo-dialers, we won’t get any more pamphlets in the mail, the streets will be clutter-free again, and this country will have a new (good or bad - you decide) direction to march in. Yipee!


  1. Holy efing krist! Who er, what the hell is that thing next to you?!

    Oh, it's me having a bad face day. sigh...move along folks, nothing to see here...

  2. puahaha, ahbow, your comment left me laughing so hard! =D


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