Extracting an image from its background

I still need some a lot of practice, but I finally figured out a way to select an object from its background in Photoshop! Here is how:

1. Start by opening the image you want to extract. I picked a picture of of this purple gerber daisy.

2. Go to Filter > Extract. Choose the Edge Highlighter Tool (B) and in the Tool Options menu set the Brush Size to the size of your choice. Play with Smart Highlighting, too.

3. Mark the edges of the areas you want to retain until it's completely outlined. Draw the highlight (shown in green) so it slightly overlaps both the foreground and the background regions around the edge.

If you make a mistake and highlight more than desired, select the eraser tool in the dialog box and drag over the highlight in the preview.

4. After completely outlined the object, select the Fill Tool (G) and click inside the object to fill its interior. Click OK.

5. At this stage the extraction is often ok, but rarely perfect. If the extraction looks really bad, then you can refine your selection. Choose Original from the Preview dropdown box at the bottom of the Extract dialog box and make your selection again using the highlighter and fill tools.


  1. I still don't get how you can spend time on that monster ass program that is PS. I'm a GIMP man mayself and for the world of Windows, nothing beats Paint.net. Then again, I can't deny the stuff Sugarlens puts up looks pretty profeshunull!


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