Old Navy Is Cute And Cheap

Dear Old Navy,

I think I have a crush on you.

Let me start from the beginning. This weekend, hubs and I visited The Newlyweds and Lynn at their beautifully decorated home in Leesburg, VA. We had a great time catching up, drinking tea + eating snacks, and watching their wedding video. After 2+ hours of fun, we decided to stop by Leesburg Outlet. I am sure you know the place well, as you have a store there.

To be brutally honest, I wasn't always so fond of you. For years I shopped at The Gap. But I think I am converted! I bought this super cute girly polo shirt that I love from you this weekend. For $10! I especially love the puff cap-sleeves, 6-button placket, and the contrasting color on the flip side of the collar! Eeek! It was love at first sight.

Online you are selling the same polo for $8. Why the difference? However, I am okay with paying a little bit more because the color I bought isn't available online. And I was in the market for a navy blue polo so I could match the hubs.

Overall, your prices are reasonable and your pieces are so darling. Now I just hope that my new polo doesn't fall apart after a couple of wash. It won't, right?

I only bought that one shirt this weekend, but I already have my eyes set on other pretty things. Can you tell I am a fan of those puff sleeves? Can you also let me know when is your next big sale? I am so there!
Your newest customer,

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  1. What in the world? Old Navy? We should be shopping at Wal-Mart dear. Then again, $10 bucks is pretty damn good. That's my no brainer point for clothes. At $15, I would have to sit around and mull it over.

    Still, I don't plan on buying anymore garb until my current ones have holes or stains in them. I wonder if Wal-Mart has their winter collection in yet?

  2. Come back again, next time we can show you our 1000+ wedding pictures. :) btw where was Pargo on Sunday??

  3. Pargo just got a haircut and according to Luke, he couldn't be seen by other people. :( We will bring him next time!


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