Turn Your Photo Into Polaroid With Photoshop

Remember the good old Polaroid days? Photos came out instantly and you could write on the white space where/when the pictures were taken. My family never did own a Polaroid camera and to tell you the truth, I didn't like the way the pictures looked - with all the white space around the image. So it's funny that I just spent the past hour learning how to turn a regular photo into a Polaroid-like photo in Photoshop.

Polaroid is a fun way to make a photo more interesting and a collage of Polaroids is just a load of fun. This tutorial* teaches you how to make a similar collage to the one I have above.

1) Go to addictedtodesign.com, download and install the free Polaroid 600 Instant Film action. If you have never installed an action in Photoshop before, the website has a good tutorial on how to do it.

2) Select the Polaroid 600 Instant Film action and press the Play button.

3) Follow the steps as the action runs. It will ask you to select the photo you want to use. Then it will ask you to adjust the handles to crop the photo so it is the right size for the Polaroid.

4) Run the action on all the photos you want to use in the collage of Polaroids. Do not close the images as you make them. I used 5 images.

5) Using a fun typeface (I used Burst My Bubble), I wrote something to describe the photos.

6) I like to resize all my images before proceeding to make them easier to manage. Go to Image>Image Size. Set Resolution to 72.

7) After you have the images you want to use converted to Polaroid-like pictures, create a new image by going File>New Image. I made mine 30 inches wide and 10 inches tall with a transparent background. How big you make it is dependent on how big your Polaroid images are.

8) Now one by one, copy and paste each Polaroid-like images to the new blank image. Select each image (ie. Layer) and adjust it so it looks like it was randomly thrown there (Edit>Transform>Rotate).

9) One by one, select each image and bring up the Layer Style window (Layer>Layer Style>Blending Options). Select Drop Shadow and check the box next to it. Now play with the settings until the shadow looks right. Select Outer Glow, check the box next to it, and change the Opacity to 40%. Click OK.

10) After all you images are placed use the crop tool to cut out any extra blank space from your image and you are done. I recommend saving it with a transparent background.

11) You are done! Show it off on your blog! :)

*User must know the basics of Photoshop.

If you do not have Photoshop, you can still turn your photos into Polaroids! Just go to Photo Notes and have the .jpg file emailed to you.

PS. The above pictures were taken at Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton VA and Burke Lake Park in Fairfax, VA. My parents and I attended the grand opening of Workhouse Arts Center and on the way back, we stopped by Burke Lake to ride on the choo choo train. We also had some McDonald's and ice cream, too.
Pargo had a great fieldtrip.


  1. Geezus, that's a lot of steps. But it sure does look nice tho. Good job Sugs. Looks all professional and stuff.

    I think these are the last pics of him before I went all Edward Scissor Hands on him yesterday. Oh well, it'll all grow back....

  2. Thanks gogo grommers! Gogo looks like a real terrier now.

    The collage has a lot of steps, but it doesn't take too long once you get a hang of it.


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