Miracle Baby: High Rise Building

It has been exactly one week since I discovered Miracle. On the same day I found him, after Luke came home from school, he built a little high rise building for the little fish. Using an empty dvd cake box and an old piece of lanyard, he made Miracle a private resort, decorated with rocks and a plant.

For the most of the time, Miracle still hides under the rock (guess he doesn't know that he's safe from the predators), but he eats very well. Whenever we feed the tank, we push a flake down to his home and watch him eat. I really enjoy watching him finishing a flake that's bigger than him. :)

I think he's growing, but it's hard to tell when I look at him everyday. Anyway, just a little update on Miracle. Will do it again in a couple more weeks!


  1. Wow, Luke might have a future in building high rises for fishies. Good job!

  2. Miracle is getting big. Joyce commented recently "He's twice the size of when we first found him" Of course, I just shook my head and took it as the usual Suggy Exaggeration. But I looked closely at him this morning and compared him to the size of the pebbles in his house. And sure enough, the little bugger is twice the size now of his former self. So yeah, Sugar was right!


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