Christmas in Jamaica? Yah Mon!

I was going to play it cool and not write about it until everything is finalized, but the heck with it, I'm simply not that cool!

Guess what?! We are going to Jamaica!

Lucky Luke. His company shuts down the week between Christmas/New Year and since he will also be breaking from school, the opportunity presented itself to do some much-needed traveling. However, the real occasion for the vacation will actually be my belated-birthday trip! It's Luke's birthday present to me!

Luke also did some research on Cancun and Aruba , but in the end Jamaica won because 1) cheaper airfare and 2) I want to go there. The air is booked so we are all set to go, but now we just need to figure out where to stay and the rest of the details.

Most likely we will end up in Negril, which is located in Western Jamaica. It is one of the most popular destinations in Jamaica, with the combination of rugged cliffs on the West End and miles of white sand beach with crystal clear water.

There are numerous of all-incluslive hotel chains on the beach side (such as Sandals, Couples, Riu). However, in the effort to make our experience more authentic, we will probably stay at one of the locally-owned hotels at the West End, where there are plentiful of local restaurants. Plus, I think the West End is prettier.

How amazing it would be to stay right next to the ocean with your own private stairs leading to the sea? I can't wait to do some snorkeling and jumping (off the cliffs). Well, maybe not the latter.

Some parts of Jamaica are dangerous, so we probably won't venture out the safety zone unless on group excursions. We have never been on a week-long vacation where we just stay put at one place (except in Honolulu, but we still toured the island on our own). Negril will be different since we are wary about exploring the island just the 2 of us. I am thinking we will spend more than 1/2 of our time there just kicking back, reading books, enjoying the view, soaking up the atmosphere. It will force me to relax, which I never tend to want to do on vacations.

Oh my, I wish December was here already.

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  1. next week ih a good and sad week. wi soon be headn out to Disney, you see, but dat too means we will come back her when it tis all ova. so wat betta way to deal wit dat dan to plan anudda trip ya? wi nah gonna stay wit hitey-titey people, no, wi do it real na in cliffs of Negril.



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