I Am Going Green

I finally jumped on the "going green" bandwagon. This handy canvas tote bag with its ingenious design made it hard for me to resist. Thanks hubs for getting it for me!

Now I can carry my fruits and veggies in style. It has a wonderful flat bottom that keeps things neat and organized. I can't wait to go grocery shopping soon. Paper or plastic no more!

Disney was a load of fun, as usual. We ate way. too. much. I will slowly blog about the trip for the next week or so. So stay tuned for pictures!

Anyway, just a little "hey I am back" post. Hope you all had a good week too!


  1. Now they come out with such cute bags even I want to collect but sometimes too pricy for one.

  2. I dunno about this going green craze. First my company and now my wife. I say if we all really wanna go green, all we have to do is shoot oursevles in the face and rid the earth of the human parasite. Until then, leave the lights on and faucets running!


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