Hungry For Pudding

I would fly 10+ hours to Tokyo just for this 20-serving pudding.

***puddle of drool here***


  1. I thought I knew Joyce pretty well. But when we went to Taiwan a few years back, I discovered she had a thing for pudding. Now these aren't the western pudding, this is the asian buding. Everywhere we went, we managed to get several cups of buding for her. From Hualien to Taipei to Taichung, we left behind a trail of empty buding cups all over the place. They don't do much for me, but now I know one of her weaknesses.

  2. I can never get enough of buding. Remember when we sat on the bench outside of 7-11 one day and ate 3 budings for lunch? We used the little plastic spoons included in the package... So good and so much fun.


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