Fall Shows

Happy September!

I may be a bit biased, but September is the best month (now that I am no longer in school). Why? Travel deals. Crisp fall weather. Arrival of holiday season. Birthday. Anniversary. Oh yes, and season premiers!

I stumbled across this during a mindless browsing session today. It combines two of my greatest loves. One, of course, being Disney. But I am also a (huge) fan of Desperate Housewives. I am looking forward to all the scandals and dirt this new season (9/28 on ABC) will bring.

Other shows I will be following (in no particular order): One Tree Hill, Lost, Survivor, 90210, and Grey's Anatomy.

What about you? What shows will have you vegetate in front of the TV this season?


  1. Frontline, Wideangle, NOVA, and Nature. Oh yeah, America's Test Kitchen rocks too, much better than any of that garbage on Food Network these days.

  2. the Amazing Race and House for now.

  3. Btw, I loove that cartoon (and I came across your site through delightfulblogs.com, good stuff!)

    As far as TV shows, I just got into Lost a few months ago and saw the first 3 seasons. I was hoping it'd be back in the fall, but turns out we'll have to wait til early '09, booo!

  4. Welcome Dorkys R! You, too, have a wonderful blog!

    Lost is great, although more than half of the time I don't really follow and my husband has to explain it to me after the show. :)


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