Dizzy: Why We Love It!

People tend to ask us the same questions about Disney.

1) Why is Disney so appealing to you?
2) Are you sick of Disney yet?

Here is my roundabout way to answer the questions.

Disney World in Orlando is a short plane ride from DC and if lucky, airfare can be found for under $200. For our trip this year, we scored a super low airfare of $129 pp with JetBlue.

While Disney can be a pricey vacation, it's not the case for us. I mentioned it before that we take advantage of the free Disney Dining Plan promotion. Food is one of the biggest costs of vacationing and to have that completely covered is just great. Our vacation for 2 (5 nights/6 days) was $1200, including everything.

Disney is never our only vacation for the year. We average 2-3 trips a year. The reason we can do that is because we travel cheap. At Disney, there are high-end accommodations such as the Grand Floridian. Then there is Pop Century, a budget resort. Pop Century is our home away from home. We have stayed there 3 times now and love it more and more each time. It's clean, cheery, and the first stop of the Magical Express.

Disney is an all-inclusive vacation for us. Lodging, transportation, food, and park tickets are all included in the package. We have been there so many times that we don't always have to stay inside the parks. We visit other resorts, go to Downtown Disney, or just simply relax by the pool. We try different restaurants, people-watch, and just unwind. There are no agendas or schedules to keep, except for dining reservations.

Some people own a vacation home on the beach or by the lake; they go there several times a year on summer weekends to get away. Disney is sort of like that with us. It's nice to return to something familiar. To get away. To vacation without the hassle of planning.

To sum up, why is Disney so appealing to us? Close to home, friendly on the wallet, always fun, fantastic (free) food, close to our hearts.

Of course, sometimes we get irritated, too. Long lines at the bus stop/attractions, crowds of people, and hot sticky days. However, we are becoming smarter. We don't go to the parks until at least 10am; by then, the lines at the bus stop are shorter. We already formulated a game plan for next year (yep, we are already booked to go back!) on how to avoid the crowd even more.

We don't necessary have to ride the most popular rides. I actually like less popular rides such as Spaceship Earth, Journey Into Imagination With Figment, and Carousel Of Progress. For the popular rides, we utilize FASTFASS to bypass the long line.

Aside from the rides, I love taking pictures around Disney. There are so many photo opportunities. This picture is of Mexico, one of my favorite countries to visit at EPCOT.

I can see that all the waiting in line, rushing to get on the rides, or staying at the parks from opening to closing may get old fast for most people. However, because we take things slower, being at Disney is really enjoyable and relaxing.

So nope, we are not sick of Disney! We miss it already and can't wait to return next Sept!

I will end this post with another slide show!


  1. Perfect Tong, couldn't have said it better! The way some people go off to their familiar vacation house on the beach or in the mountains, Disney World is our little getaway. Because we normally head out to other strange and different locations for real vacations, trips to DW is our relaxing destination. We're familiar with the surroundings, accommodations are great for the money, and we get to relax and just do nothing.

    Whereas when we head to Jamaica this winter, it'll be all new to us. We'll have to find transportation to the hotel, find food, find good beach spots, find good snorkeling spots, and just wander around. While we enjoy the big unknown surrounding all this, taking a trip to something familiar is always nice. And that's exactly what a week at Pop Century is for us. A simple escape from reality. Plus, as Joyce mentioned, there's so much good food to eat and neat things to see!


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