Dizzy: Photo Safari

Disney's Animal Kingdom used to be my least favorite park, but after this latest trip, it is now my second favorite (after EPCOT). It didn't appeal to me before because 1) too much walking (I am lazy), 2) Rafiki's Planet Watch (those who have been know what I am talking about), 3) no good places to eat, and 4) lack of interesting rides.

Well, most of the reasons still hold true. The park is still huge (AK is bigger than all three other parks combined), Rafiki's Planet still sucks, and the rides still aren't all that great (although Luke loves Dinosaur). However, we did find a new place to eat. The Tusker House, newly opened, is just marvelous!

The main reason why I looooove AK now is all the photo opportunities! The wildlife! The forests! The trails! The park is also full of little nooks to sit and relax, too. It's definitely a park where the rides aren't everything.

A photo of the Himalayan mountains.

The 50-foot wide Tree of Life is the centerpiece of AK. On the exterior of it are carved images of 325 animal carvings. Inside the Tree houses a theater that shows a 3-D film, It's Tough to be a Bug. This is truly Disney magic at its finest! There is a hidden Mickey on the tree; we didn't spot it, though.

All around the park were exotic birds waiting to be photographed.

I *heart* my zoom lens. Thanks Rob!

I had so much fun just snapping pictures. Unfortunately, our photo safari didn't last for too long. I got some...ahem..."girl problems" and had to leave the park earlier than we planned. Although, that wasn't a bad move because as soon as we got on the bus, it poured rain for the next several hours.

AK was the one park that I didn't get to spend as much time as I would've liked. I am looking forward in going back and photograph every corner of that park!

All pictures in this post were taken with my Canon XSi (with EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS lens) and edited by me in Photoshop.


  1. Tusker House. Enough said. After the whole redo of that place, it's heaven for me. They could stick Tusker House anywhere and that would become my favorite spot.

    But yeah, sucked our trip that day was cut short. Plus the little Dino Carnival place was under renovation as well. Still, we got some good pictures and good food. Which = good times! Just more reasons to go back.

  2. You changed your layout!!! It looks so good I might have to start feeling jealous ;)

    Hee hee, just kidding, it looks awesome. And I agree, I thought the Animal Kingdom was a total snore compared to the other ones. Except for the Kilimanjaro safari and those rapids with the steep fall (obviously I have absolutely no recollection of any of those names.) But I must say my fave was def Magic Kingdom!

    I should head back there again someday...

  3. Thanks DR! I am still feeling out the banner...not sure if I will keep it or change it again. =]

  4. Is it kind of bad that I already forgot what the last one looked like? This memory of mine totally sucks! I think this new one is so fun though. Did you make it yourself?

  5. I did! It's super easy with Photoshop. I didn't design the illustration though; that was "borrowed". =p

  6. Haha, yeah, I did the same with the toast on my banner. I "borrowed" the pic and wrote on it.


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