Dizzy: Self Portraits

Carrying the big camera to the parks was a pain in the neck, but luckily it was worth it because we got some really nice pictures! Since we have been on all the rides before, we spent most of the time walking around and taking fun shots of one another. In fact, my goal for each day wasn't getting on the most popular rides, but it was to take nice pictures (either of us or the immaculate Disney grounds).

I have a ton of pictures to share and to make it easier, I created two slide shows - one of me and one of Luke. :)

I like to zoom in whenever I take pictures of Luke. I may be biased, but I think he's quite photogenic!

Okay, thanks for sitting (and watching) through this completely self-indulgence post and exercise in vanity. I promise that my next one will be more universal!


  1. Oooh, neato Tong. I don't like any of my pics tho. How come it looks like I'm wearing a white shirt all the time? And that little lowepro pack is on my back all the time as well. I HATED carrying that thing around. hmph! sigh...at least your video was good.

  2. Check out Luke's video again. I updated it with pictures of him in different outfits and without the lowepro pack! He likes it much better now. :)

  3. Danku for the update Bongers! I hated the first video. You picked some fugly pics of me. Yup! This new deck is much more representative of me on good days. =D


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