birthday no. 30

Yesterday was a glorious sunny breezy day. The sky was blue with fluffy clouds. Just look at this picture I took. Perfect.

It was also my birthday! I turned 30. Whoo-hoo!

I had been dreading of turning 30 for the past few weeks, but I survived the trauma, with a smile on my face. Now I can happily go on to live the "best years of my life." Instead of writing a novel on how I feel about turning 30 (I will save that for next time), this post is about what I did on the milestone-y day.

It started out as an ordinary Monday. I put on my favorite black dress, ate cereal, and went off to work. It was a quite day at work, very uneventful. Throughout the day, I received happy birthday wishes from friends, family, and coworkers. After I left work, I went to the mall to use a coupon that was expiring.

Luke was already home when I got back. I took Pargo to get mail and brushed him while Luke wrapped up his work. Then off we went to DC for my birthday dinner! Traffic was amazingly good. We arrived at 4:30 for our 6pm reservation. As it was a mild day, we took an easy walk to the National Zoo.

I will never go to the zoo on a weekend again. Going to the zoo on a workday was a whole new experience. We saw all 3 pandas and didn't have to fight with the kiddies to get to the front.

Luke knows taking pictures with both of us in them makes me happy so we did plenty of that, too.

Just as we were leaving the zoo, we saw a wild deer. I got as close as I could get without scaring it away. I hope the deer gets meatier before the winter comes.

Hand-in-hand, we walked back to Adams Morgan to one of our memorable date spots, The Little Fountain Café, for dinner. The restaurant really is little!

The table outside was available, but we decided to sit inside, but near the patio door. I really liked the cozy atmosphere.

A 6pm dinner is late for us, but apparently early for everyone else. We had the entire restaurant to ourselves until the very end when another couple walked in. Contrary to what most people may think, I had the big juicy piece of steak and Luke ordered the seafood stew (one of the specials). I am not a food critic so I won't go into much details, but everything was scrumptious!

After dinner we walked around Adams Morgan a bit. We were about to get a red velvet cupcake, but it was sprinkled with coconut so we passed. Then we went to an ice cream shop, but walked out empty-handed because we didn't see anything appetizing (blame it on too many sundaes at Disney). But it was mostly because I knew there was an ice cream cake waiting for me at home and of course, Pargo.

Luke surprised me with a cake from Baskin Robbins. Remember those anniversary cake toppers I made? I later made some birthday cake toppers for this very occasion. The cake was chocolate cake with cookies 'n cream ice cream. My favorite! Thank you husby!

I also opened my card. I love getting cards from Luke because they are always full of drawings. This time, he drew a picture of our future trip to Jamaica! Inside, he wrote, "This card is good for one trip to Jamaica and is guaranteed by Pargo Wargo Baby Bargo." =]

And with that, my birthday festivities came to an end. We played with Pargo for a bit, watched some television, showered, and fell asleep happy. Thanks hubs for a terrific day! :-*

My birthday was low-key, just the way I wanted it. Now, with the help of this post, I will always remember how I spent the first day of my 30s.

I am thirty (and thriving)! ;)


  1. Happy 30th Joyce!! I'm happy to hear you don't spontaneously combust once you hit big 3-0.

    Nice pics, by the way :)

  2. Lovely, very eventful bday and nice pictures too. happy 3O

  3. looks like you had a very nice day

  4. I also survived the big 30 as well too 3 months ago. I miss being in my twenties though.

  5. For the record, I love coconuts. I would've been all over that velvet cupcake at Tryst, but it was you who turned it down. yup!

    I'm glad you liked your simple lil burfday wif me. I try. =]


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