Anniversary Presents

Our upcoming 1st year anniversary is a wonderful time to start a yearly tradition. I learned about this Anniversary Gift Traditions a long time ago, while working at Hallmark (high school/collage days). I thought it was silly back then, but now I kinda of like it! I don't think Luke will be on-board with me on this really, but maybe I will still do it. Just for fun. If done with creativity, the presents don't need to be expensive at all.

I'd follow the traditional route though; the modern way seems to be very strict (4th and 7th in particular).

Ideas for First Year Anniversary: (link)

• Tickets to a show or sports event, this gift can be as simple and inexpensive as tickets to a movie or elaborate and pricey as tickets to a sold out Broadway show or sporting event.
• Books, these can range from simple paper backs to collector editions, a signed book from your spouse’s favorite author would make a very memorable gift.
• Photographs, a photo from the wedding or other treasured memory, in a nice frame.
• Treasure Map, this is only limited by your imagination. The map could be to other gifts that you have hidden, or a map to your heart, or a combo of both.

For an awesome example of Second Year, check here.

I am a bit late in the game because our anniversary is in FOUR days and we are leaving for Disney in ONE. It will just have to be a belated anniversary present. =]


  1. leather, crystal, glass. oh my! our third anniversary is going to be a toughie for sure!

    { julie }

  2. Julie,

    Your "cotton" anniversary gift is sooo cleaver. Hehe, if I can't think of anything next year, I may just have to take my hubs to Savannah, too.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog!

  3. Who the hell makes this stuff up? Seriously, this thing makes as much sense to me as religions do. Regardless, next year I want China. And you know what I mean, I want the earth upon which that label has been applied, not the crap that sits in cupboards.


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