Anniversary Presents

Our upcoming 1st year anniversary is a wonderful time to start a yearly tradition. I learned about this Anniversary Gift Traditions a long time ago, while working at Hallmark (high school/collage days). I thought it was silly back then, but now I kinda of like it! I don't think Luke will be on-board with me on this really, but maybe I will still do it. Just for fun. If done with creativity, the presents don't need to be expensive at all.

I'd follow the traditional route though; the modern way seems to be very strict (4th and 7th in particular).

Ideas for First Year Anniversary: (link)

• Tickets to a show or sports event, this gift can be as simple and inexpensive as tickets to a movie or elaborate and pricey as tickets to a sold out Broadway show or sporting event.
• Books, these can range from simple paper backs to collector editions, a signed book from your spouse’s favorite author would make a very memorable gift.
• Photographs, a photo from the wedding or other treasured memory, in a nice frame.
• Treasure Map, this is only limited by your imagination. The map could be to other gifts that you have hidden, or a map to your heart, or a combo of both.

For an awesome example of Second Year, check here.

I am a bit late in the game because our anniversary is in FOUR days and we are leaving for Disney in ONE. It will just have to be a belated anniversary present. =]


  1. leather, crystal, glass. oh my! our third anniversary is going to be a toughie for sure!

    { julie }

  2. Julie,

    Your "cotton" anniversary gift is sooo cleaver. Hehe, if I can't think of anything next year, I may just have to take my hubs to Savannah, too.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog!

  3. 神木与瞳 rocks!!!!September 14, 2008 at 9:16 PM

    Who the hell makes this stuff up? Seriously, this thing makes as much sense to me as religions do. Regardless, next year I want China. And you know what I mean, I want the earth upon which that label has been applied, not the crap that sits in cupboards.


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