Luggage Tag

Whenever we are on trips, we miss Pargo like cuh-ray-zee. Hopefully this will help.

Taking advantage of the deal, I made a luggage tag with Pargo's picture! The above picture is obviously not Pargo; I got it from Shutterfly. The tag was $7.99 and because I needed the total to be at least $10, I ordered 14 4x6 prints. I ended up paying a whopping total of 10 cents for everything.

Now Pargo can be with us wherever we are in the world. Niiiice!

Let me know what you ended up getting!

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  1. Hmm, I wonder if someone will steal our uber cute GoGo tag. I mean, really, how many luggage tags have a little yorkie on them? Will need to keep a close eye out the next time we roll through an airport. yup!

  2. We got the luggage tag today in the mail. It's just so so. I will definitely use it, but good thing we didn't pay $8 for it.


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