What To Feed Your Pet

by Pargo
When I was a young pup, I was fussy about food (hence the reason why I am so tiny). My first dad hand-fed me roasted chicken because I wouldn't eat doggy food. I was so lucky. But then my now-parents adopted me and they put me a strict doggy-food diet. They weren't about to deal with my nonsense. I remember the very first night I spent at my new home. They put the doggy food in front of me and walked away. I sat in front of it for the longest time, trying to tell them that I wanted roasted chicken. But they just ignored me. I knew right then that my roasted chicken days were over. As days/weeks/months went on, I ate only when I got really hungry. And even then, I just ate a little bit, just enough so that I wasn't starving. Those were the days I wish I could forget.

Eventually, I got over my bad behavior. I know I get many of the important nutrients that keep my coat shiny and teeth healthy by eating doggy food instead of roasted chicken (or table scraps). At first, my parents fed me Royal Canin MINI Puppy 33. As I grew older, they changed my diet to Royal Canin MINI Yorkshire 28. Royal Canin brand is quite expensive! Pretty soon, my parents decided to switch up a bit and made a gradual change to some other doggy food.

I think dad was drawn to the colorful packaging of The Goodlife Recipe, but with it being a fairly new product to the market, mom didn't trust it to be healthy, so she picked up a bag of Eukanuba for Yorkies. I like both a lot actually! Both have chicken as the main ingredient, as well as whole grains. However, because the Eukanuba is specifically made for special dogs like me, it also has natural fish oil (for healthy skin and coat - very important) and the kibbles help me to maintain healthy dental hygiene. I have been on this diet for about 1.5 years now.

However, I think another change is about to come. I see new bags of doggy food in my box of goodies. I can't read well, but I think they are Iams Healthy Naturals and Iams ProActive Health miniChunks.

I hope they will never feed me this junk though. I don't like Rachael Ray and I don't want to eat anything with her name on it. Nope!

In addition to all these wonderful food I mentioned above, whenever I show my best behavior, I get treats such as Chicken Jerky Tenders (absolutely my fav - my tail goes crazy for them - it used to take me at least an hour to finish one, but now I am trying to beat my record of 10 minutes), breakfast cereals (I like Cherrios the best), and all sorts of table scraps.

Anyhoo, I know this is a rather boring post for humans without a fuzzy animal to love, but I believe these are very important information! I promise my next post will be more interesting! I like this blogging stuff.

Above all else, I love anything that's given by my dad!

xoxo, P


  1. damn straight! you better be grateful. we could simply be giving you table scraps or some generic dog food. but nope, mommy always wants to get you the best. hell, sometimes we give you bones with more meat on them than bone. i could actually be enjoying them myself, but nope, we think of you first. our son, our first son. 愛你呵!


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