Spring Planting; The Circle Of Life

Part I, II, III, IV, V, and VI

We have been cooking with basils all summer long! It's a different feeling - growing your own food as oppose to getting them from the grocery store. If I ever have a yard, I am most definitely going to have a vegetable garden. :)

I was in and out all last week, while Seana was here. When I finally got the chance to check on my basil plants yesterday, I noticed flowers! At first I was going to pinch them off because I read that if there are flowers, the basil leaves will lessen in flavor and the plants energies will be channeled into the flowers instead of leaf grown. However, Luke stopped me, saying that the flowers will provide seeds that we can use in the future.

It's a circle of life! =]


  1. Pshh...welcome to the club Bongs. I've been growing my own veggies since I was a wee lad. Hell, I even had my own little peach tree. I'd sit under it in the spring and wait for the bees to pollinate the blossoms. Yup, just like Lui Bei. =] Now if only we had a yard...


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