Two Dresses and a Skirt

Oh my gosh! Yesterday I drooled over this dress, but without free shipping or extra discount, I didn't buy it. So. Glad. Because this morning, after Luke went off to class, I started browsing as usual and out of old habit, I hopped on over to J.Crew. Extra 30% off final sale! Sweet! I ended up getting two dresses and a lounging skirt for less than $60 shipped. =] That's 78% off the original price! Oh, how I love a good bargain.

The site doesn't indicate when the code "EXTRA30" will expire, so jump on it when you get a chance.

Hope you find something you like too!


  1. thanks for the ring, I appreciate it. :)

  2. sigh, nothing for me again. why do guys always get shafted when it comes to shopping? and ppl are always saying that men wear the same crap all the time. that's cuz we're sold the same crap at the same price all the time.

    can't wait to see Tong in her new dresses loh!

  3. they have extra 20 off this weekend.


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