Go Team!

The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics is well under its way! The amazing picture above is from the incredible Opening Ceremony, which I, admittedly, fell asleep toward the very end. Not because of boredom or anything! The show was nothing short of specular, but my bed was just too comfy. =p

I am enjoying the women's gymnastics tremendously.

Enjoy the Olympics and keep track of medal count. Taiwan has won TWO! :)

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  1. Having heard the crap spew from the mouths of NBC commentators, I'm seriously entertaining the thought of getting cable now. If those retards could just STFU and show the damn games, I'd be happy. Well, not really, they'd have to start showing the actual "Olympics" and not just "Americans at the Olympics". As if there were no other events going on or other countries participating in the games. WTF?!

  2. ...and what's up w/ the medal tally count? both yahoo & cnn track it by the # of medals earned. shouldn't it be tracked by the # of golds earned? only bbc news is doing that -- [ http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/olympics/medals_table/default.stm ]

    even my ethiopian co-workers think this is wrong. they are rooting for china. :)


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