I have been thinking a lot about friends lately - not the popular sitcom, but my own social circle. Back in high school, I made friendships out of convenience. It was natural to become friends with people who I had more classes with. And because I was shy about my spoken English, I befriended with non-native speakers.

During college, I befriended with my dorm hallmates and people in the same major. I was also drawn to people who shared my ethnic background, with similar personality and interests. They were fun-loving and charismatic. We had lots of laughs and great times together.

Post college, I met a couple of friends through social organizations, grad school, or workplaces. While I still made friends who shared the same ethnicity, I also befriended those who were very different from me. They had diverse life experiences and learning from them had been incredibly eye-opening.

Now that I'm older, I am much more appreciative of quieter qualities such as thoughtfulness and reliability. You could be the wittiest and most engaging person I've ever met...but I no longer have the patience to put up with inconsideration and irresponsibility.

What kind of qualities do you look for in a friend?


  1. ppl that that don't piss me off, there are a lot that do piss me off. :P

  2. those that hold the same views on the world as me. all the rest can go to hell. cuz as we all know, i'm always right!


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