Dressing Up Water

This little project was totally spontaneous. I stole this idea (i.e. template) from here.

I downloaded the PDF format of the pretty pink/purple set, opened it up in Photoshop to personalize, and saved it as .jpg. I used whimsical Grenouille font for all my labels. The .jpg file should be roughly 8.5" by 11", like a regular sheet of copier paper. I then opened a blank Word document and changed the margin to zero all around. Lastly, I just inserted my picture file into the blank document and printed using color laser printer. Caution: ink jet will make the labels bleed if they get wet.

With Luke's help, we removed labels for .5L bottles, cut out the sheets into strips, and reattached using the sticky from the bottle (lots will be left on it) and used glue stick to secure the ends. So easy! The labels are a little bit short in length. If I was doing this from scratch, I would make it longer to cover more of the bottle. But since I barely did any work to make this project, I can't complain too much.

This is a very cost effective way to add a little pizazz to your next party!

So what do you think? Have I changed much since I was a wee baby?


  1. I think this goes a little too far. Dressing up bottles of water is...odd. But as long as it makes you happy, keep at it!

  2. Very cute picture!! :)


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