Being Physically Healthy

Back in February, I blogged about losing weight. My progress? I have lost a pound or 2, depending on the time of the day. Eh, pretty insignificant. But, on the brighter side, I did not gain the "Newlywed 10", which I guess I still have a month left before I can claim victory. =p

Regardless, according to this BMI chart, at 5'6", I am borderline underweight. So I am taking my goal to a different direction. Instead of focusing on shedding more pounds, I am moving on to getting physically better in shape.

For the past several weeks, I've started to walk more. On nice cool evenings, Luke and I walk for about 30 minutes a day. However, I need to get better about walking regardless of the weather. I would like to start walking in the morning before work, but I doubt I can get my lazy butt up early enough to do that. So to compensate, I go up and down the steps several times a day at work and stretch afterwards. Pargo has a habit of wanting to play chase right before bed, so I work up a sweat playing with him. Every little thing helps.

As for weight training, Luke bought these two weeks ago and I've been using them religiously every night. These body elastics work wonders! Both Luke and I have noticed slight improvement already! My arms are less jiggly, thighs are a bit slimmer, and my “belly gut” isn’t as prominent. I am not looking to become a body builder or anything, but I would like to be longer and leaner.

In terms of eating, Luke and I rarely eat out so we are healthy right there, but I know I need to add more veggies and fruits into our diets. Recently, I’ve been pretty good about laying off junk food. We bought 8 pounds of grapes last week and put them in the freezer. Since then, whenever I need a snack, I reach for grapes instead of chips. Junk food makes me sluggish, but grapes are so refreshing that I don’t even think I am depriving myself.

We have exactly 31 more days before Disney! I am going to continue this regimen until then. My goal is to have more energy and strength to roam around the parks when the time comes!


  1. 31 more days!?!?! I can't stand it!

    But yes, Bodylastic bands rock. Been doing all sorts of stuff here in my little box the hotel set me up in. Then again, they fed us cheesecake today. And well, me and cheesecake are like chocolate and peanut-butter. Actually, it's more like a fat man eating cheesecake and chocolate and peanut-butter. Yum!

    Still, I should hit my weight goal before the trip. But Joyce beat me to it, dammit all to hell! She's always been skinnier than me.


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