Before The Summer Ends

I can’t believe we are near the tail end of summer! It seems not so long ago when we celebrated the beginning of summer by bird-watching at Chincoteague. How time flies! Halloween decorations are being stocked in stores (way too soon in my opinion), the days are getting dark earlier, and pumpkins and apples are appearing around the neighborhood. Soon my usual 20-minute commute to work will be 25 or more (darn those school buses). Trade in skirts for pants. No more sandals.

I love autumn (it makes me want to send someone a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils!), and while I have had a great and fulfilling summer, I want to hold onto the warm summer days for as long as I can and enjoy soaking them up to their fullest. Or at least, there is one more thing I need to do (or eat) before letting them go.

Warm weather calls for treats like sorbet, lemonade, and most importantly, popsicles. I find them to be the perfect summertime treat: fruity and refreshing. My favorite is strawberry popsicles. This classic treat will never go out of style for me.

Unfortunately, for some strange reason, I haven't had any all summer long! I am not worried though, because once we get to Disney (10 more days and counting), I will be sure to have a couple of my beloved Minnie’s Strawberry Fruit Bars before the summer ends!

(Not the most flattering picture of me, but I sure enjoyed that popsicle on that warm summer evening. Picture taken at EPCOT in 2006.)


  1. yum, i love minnie's strawberry pop too.

    a bouquet of sharpen pencil? who are you? the owner of shop around the corner? ;)

  2. No no no, you got it all wrong. The owner of Fox Books said that. Or I think it was him. hehe.

  3. You two are retarded. I just need to get out of here and away from DC asap. Some time with Mickey will be good for the soul. Just spent the whole damn nite shmoozing with govies and an honest man can only take so much.

  4. Oh one more thing, the sundaes at the Magic Kingdom are much better than those crapcicles the sell everywhere else. Such a waste! Must save all points for sundaes!! But I guess if Suggy wants a pop, we can make sure she gets one. =]

  5. yes, yes, sugarlens is right. It's Joe Fox, F-O-X, that said that.


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