Bachelorette Week

Luke left for a business trip earlier today and won't be back until Friday. This means, I could indulge in some “secret single behavior” during my solo week!! For example, I could be that girl in the picture - sit on the kitchen floor in my jammies and finally give in to that tub of Haagen-Dazs mango ice cream screaming my name. Or better yet, I could sing and dance in my underwear. :)

But Luke probably wouldn't find me crazy if I did those things in front of him anyway. In fact, he would probably join me.

So, in all seriousness, I don't have any "secret single" things I imagine myself doing, but it's nice to get some "me time" once in a while.

Things To Do:
- Finish writing my annual self-assessment for work. This is something I have been putting off for too long and it must get done before next Monday.
- Go for a 30-minute walk everyday with Pargo. Monday, check.
- Watch Wedding Crashers. I have seen bits and pieces of the movie, but it's time to watch it from start to finish.
- Spend way too much time watching television.

Nothing too earth shattering so it will be a slow posting week as I take a break from blogging. Be back in a bit!

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  1. If I were in DC, I'd join you. could be fun doing nothing at home.

  2. Ah, too bad. I'd love to do nothing with you! =]

  3. I need to go home now, I really need to go home now. The negativity inside me is boiling over. Why the hell am I here??

    And yes, I would gladly plop myself down with my wife where ever she chooses to eat her ice cream. =]


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