My DIY Cake Toppers!

I had so much fun making these cake toppers that I wanted to share how easy it was to make them! Since these topper will go on top of our one-year wedding anniversary cake, I made these in our wedding colors. I even dug out the orange table runners we used at our reception for photos. :)

First, I created the template in Powerpoint by creating 2" circles and typed in the words. Using a color laser printer, I printed the template on 80lb cardstock.

After I've printed, what helped me punch out the circles perfectly was to cut the tags out into little strips. I cut them out as a rectangle, as close to the lines of the circle as possible with a strip to the side for handling. I bought my circle punch* at AC Moore with a 50% off coupon. It was $8.50 and worth the investment.

I also printed a couple of wedding photos on cardstock and repeated the punching process.

I carefully glued two circles (1 "photo" and 1 "words") together, with a wooden stick in the middle. To hide any imperfections, I used a brown ribbon (leftover from wedding days) to pretty it up. Viola!

It will be a couple more weeks before I get to use these cute toppers. To keep them safe and clean, I put them in a glassine envelope. Looks professional, no? I didn't have much luck with my turtle cards, maybe if I listed these on Etsy, they might sell? :)

I am definitely going to make more of these for different occasions!

*Thanks to my hubs for exchanging for a new punch that has a cleaner cut!


  1. I'll admit, this idea all seemed really dumb when she first showed it to me. But now that she's got em all made, they look really good. All we need now is a place to stick them into. Time for CAKE!?

  2. Yes, Luke tried to rain on my parade, but next time he will make them with me!


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