M&M Fun

How would you customize your M&Ms? Mine would be Pargo, of course! After all, he's, simply put, the awesomest.

Things he is good at: smiling, barking at UPS trucks, begging for food, sleeping, snuggling, listening to commands, kicking in the bath tub, chewing on toys, looking cute, playing chase, walking on leash, protecting his mom, and giving kisses.

Pargo! He's the best.

Oh yes, these personalized M&Ms are pretty cool too. They'll print your own message, logo, or even photos on any of 22 shell colors. You can choose your own packaging, too. Fun gifts or favors!


  1. Hmph! How come I don't get anything? It's always Pargo this and Pargo that. sigh.... But I guess the little guy is pretty cool and is deserving of some M&Ms in his name. For the Gor!


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