Handy Paper Sleeves

I go through phases. One week I exercise everyday. One week I bake up a storm. One week I vegetate in front of TV. Well, this week, I itched to get crafty. I discovered some neat free downloads at this cute site called The Small Objects yesterday, and today I made these handy paper sleeves!

If you like to make your own, click on over to the free downloads link above and follow the easy instructions. I printed mine on 80lb recycled sand specks cardstock and scored the dotted lines first to make the folds cleaner. I used a regular glue stick to complete the project.

These are great - now I can keep extra cash around the house or save those important sales receipts...in style!

Happy organizing!


  1. I've always needed a place to stuff those pesky receipts while on travel. And now I've got a one-stop-shop when I need to do my expenses. Thanks Tongs!


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