Deciding On A New 'Do

For the past 3+ years, I’ve had the same hairstyle; medium to long in length, layers on the sides/back, and wispy bangs to complete the look. For the most part, I like the style. It’s easy to manage and the layers frame my face well. I don’t spend much time on my hair in the morning. I use volumizing gel to give it more body, shake my head several times, and run out the door. On a bad hair/hot/lazy day, I have the option to pull it back in a ponytail.

I am due for another cut soon. My hair is getting to the stage where the bangs have grown out and the rest of my hair just falls flat on my head. I could get the same cut that I’ve always gotten, or I could mix it up a little. I am thinking the latter. A lot of women grow out their hair for the wedding (as I did) and chop it off drastically afterward. I didn’t do that. But I could! I could do it now, just it time for my upcoming anniversary!

For my face shape, I always worry whether or not a certain hairstyle would make my face look rounder. Doing some research online, I found out this: "To lessen the appearance of roundness, cheekbones should be minimized with hair cut along the sides and towards the face. Haircuts falling just below the chin would easily do the trick. Soft, graduated layers will also make your face appear slimmer. Keeps your bangs long or side-sweeping." So it looks like having a shorter hairdo is definitely an option!

I am 90% convinced that I will chop off my long locks the next time I get a haircut. It will be refreshing, the last time I had short hair was in college. I searched online for inspirations and put together a collage (shown above). My most ideal hairstyle would be a combination of those.

1. Michelle Monaghan looks cute in this 'do. I especially like the length.
2. Reese Witherspoon always look perfect. I want bangs just like that.
3. Sandra Bullock has the girl-next-door look. Again, her bangs are just what I am looking for.
4. Luke has a thing for Anne Hathaway, but I just like the subtle waves in her hair.
5. Usually not a fan of Hilary Swank, but her hair here is my inspiration.
6. One of my favorite actresses, Julia Roberts looks pretty no matter what. This one is no exception.

I will wait a few more weeks before getting the cut. I want a fresh new style just before our anniversary, before we leave for Disney, and before I turn 30.


  1. oooh ooh! Anne! What do you mean I have a thing for her? I'm a married man, thank you very much!

  2. I have been trying to talk myself into cutting my hair short for months now. It just looks so chic and stylish. But I feel like it's risky, so I always chicken out! Better luck to you. Maybe I'll work up the courage some day soon. :)


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