City Of Brotherly Love: Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens, located right outside of Philly, is a fantabulous place to view flowers, walk around, and just simply relax. In addition to flowers, there are sparkling fountains, peaceful lakes, small waterfalls, and a greenhouse. The landscaping is beautiful. I've long wanted to visit the garden and since we were right in the neighborhood, we made a last-minute decision stop by!

Overall, it was a great visit; however, it would had been even better if 1) it wasn't 100 degrees outside, 2) it wasn't between the hottest hours of 1-4pm, 3) it was the fall/spring. Unfortunately for us, we went when it was 100 degrees outside, between 1-4pm, and right in the smack of summer. We took 419 photos. Yes, 419. At $16/pp admission, we won't be back again. So we took pictures of anything and everything.

If you are thinking, hey, I want to visit Longwood too, but it's too hot out! Well, you are in luck. With the official Longwood Gardens Map & Garden Guide next to me as I blog, I will give you a play by play of where we walked and what we saw. Here I go!

1) This is the Topiary Garden where trees and bushes are clipped into cones, cubes, spirals and other shapes such as birds. Hmm...some of the branches needed trimming.

2) I was in a tree-hugging mood. :) At the Hillside Garden, we walked narrow paths, paved stone landings, and granite stairs to a small waterfall and Chimes Tower. We walked down the steps inside the Tower, too.

3) With no shades, we were so hottt (yes, 3 ts) by this point, but we marched on. Luke dipped his feet in the water to cool off and I tried to get as close as I could to a fountain to get some mist.

4) We saw the most colorful and vibrant flowers at the Idea Garden.

5) Longwood's Conservatory is one of the world's great greenhouse structures. According to the guide, it shelters 20 indoor gardens and 5,500 types of plants. I remember the peaches that smelled heavenly and Luke picked a giant lime from a tree.

6) Perhaps my favorite part of the entire garden - the waterlilies! The Waterlily Courtyard in the middle of the Conservatory featured aquatic cannas, cattails, giant waterplatters, lotus, hardy and tropical day-flowering waterlilies and tropical night-flowering waterlilies, papyrus and taro. They all looked the same to me, all very elegant and perfect.

7) The three large-scale treehouses were created by the country's best designers.

8) The meadow is one giant field, with native wildflowers, butterflies and birds.

9) Pictured below includes Italian Water Garden, Large Lake, and Flower Garden Drive. The grounds of Longwood is especially clean and well maintained. I think it's worth the hefty ticket price; after all, it encompasses 1,050 acres of gardens, woodlands, and meadows. I could've easily spent the whole day here on a cooler day. Oh, it also has more fountains than any other garden in the US and over 400 performances a year. Since this was a last-minute trip for us, we didn't catch any performances, though.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour as much as I had enjoyed putting it together! If you do decide to visit the garden one day, may I suggest spring or fall. I imagine with all the flowers in bloom in spring or the changing of colors in fall will make the garden even more spectacular. Enjoy!

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Longwood Gardens
1001 Longwood Rd
Kennett Square, PA 19348


  1. Ooooh, another good post with kickass pix. Thanks for the play-by-play. It was definitely a long hot day out there, but it was a good stop. Though I don't know about the $16 per person entry fee. O_o Mighty spendy if you ask me. But like Joyce, I liked the lily pads the most. It was great seeing so many things, but the heat beat us down pretty bad. So we were ready to hit the road by 4. All in all, a good way to end the road trip Only thing left was the long drive back down to DC.


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