City Of Brotherly Love: The Beginning

Our conversation went like this last Thursday night:

Me: What are we doing this weekend?
Luke: I don’t know. Do you want to take a trip somewhere?
Me: Okay! Where?
Luke: We could go to Philly and visit your brother.
Me: Okay!

Minutes later, I talked to my brother:

Me: What are you and Yi-Hsin doing this weekend?
Brother: Nothing.
Me: Luke and I are coming to visit. We want to walk around Philly.
Brother: It’s going to be hot, but okay, come on over.

It was hot alright, but that was the beginning of our last-minute impromptu trip to the City of Brotherly Love. We had a great time hanging out with Ken and Yi-Hsin, despite the scorching hot weather. The temperature was in the high 90s, but we still walked all over the streets of Philadelphia. Luke and I have been to Philly before, individually, but this time we saw a lot more than we ever did. Thanks for showing us around, guys! We really appreciated it!

I am going to blog about our trip over the course of next few days. First thing first though, a trip to Philly would not be complete without eating cheesesteaks. So of course we had some! My Philly Insider's Tip #1 - forget Pat’s or Geno’s in South Philly, the real thing is located 45 minutes outside of Philly, in a small town called Lansdale! Ray's Pizzeria and Steaks has the best cheesesteaks - tender meat and none of that cheese whiz junk. No wait + plenty of seating + abundant parking. A hidden treasure! Sssshhh...don't let the secret out!

How good does this look? Cheesesteak with mushroom topping. Double yum-0! We ordered an 18-inch cheesesteak to share.

A 14-inch meat lover pizza. It was greasy, but so delicious!


Stay tuned for more of our Philly adventures!

Ray's Pizzeria & Steaks‎
850 S Valley Forge Rd
Lansdale, PA 19446
(215) 855-9800


  1. Pffft...heat, shmeat. We go wherever and whenever we want. If we say Philly this day, we do Philly that day. Yup!

    But yeah, I've had previous jobs that both led me upto Philly. But I never saw anything other than the office and the hotels. So this was a great trip for me to experience the city as a tourist. Though it was just for two days and the heat was intense, we had fun. Joyce's brother and sister-in-law took good care of us. 謝謝你們陪我們一起出玩!

    Hmm, I think I said that right. Good food and good company, made for a good weekend. =]

  2. woops, i meant 去,not 出。

  3. Great job! You got everything perfectly. =]


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