A Wedding Greeting From The Prez

…or his secretary.

I recently came across this link: White House Greetings. Since the request can be made completely free online, I gave it a try. I had actually forgotten about it, until the greeting showed up in our mailbox last week. This will make a nice addition to our wedding mementos.

The man in the White House doesn't have the highest approval rating, but whatever your opinion of the President may be, years from now, I will appreciate this reminder of the times we lived in when we tied the knot.


  1. we are so funny because i got one from bush as well. too bad i didn't do one in taiwan. it would've been cool to have 2 pres's congratulations

  2. I can't believe there is something in this house that bears the name of that turd in the whitehouse. This is a prime example of "just because it's free, that doesn't mean you should take one". What were you thinking suggy?! Oh I know, you wanted a new pooper scooper for the gogo. With the amount of crap that little guy has been generating lately, we're gonna need a lot more scoopers than this card.


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