Take Me Home, Homer

While in St. Louis, Seana and I relied heavily on her GPS to get us to places. I am the type of person who gets lost in her own backyard and Seana openly admitted that she’s not much better with directions either. Luckily, with her GPS, we were able to explore St. Louis from top to bottom (and sideways too) without much trouble.

Seana’s Garmin nuvi 600 is simply awesome. It has a gorgeous widescreen display and so easy to use. Not only did it tell us where to go, but it told us when we would get there, how to take a detour if a particular road was closed, and where to turn around if Seana missed a turn. Even without the actual address to the Missouri Botanical Garden, we were able to look it up using the points of interest (POIs) function. Seana’s Lucy (yes, we named her GPS, Lucy) also comes with bluetooth, picture viewer, MP3 player, and more. While I think those things are a little bit too excessive (for me) to have, they are definitely good perks.

After I came home, I told Luke that I must have a Lucy of my own. After reminding me that he had already told me countless times that we should get one, his research began for a GPS. A few days later, he came across a great deal that was too good to pass up. Staying away from the mainstream, Luke purchased Navigon 2100. It is selling for a little bit more than $130 on Amazon, but Luke scored it for $99 from Staples, shipped. And with that, we finally joined the rest of the world.

The 2100 is the lowest-priced (and smallest) of Navigon's line of portable GPS navigators. Our GPS, Homer, is tiny and slim. Definitely very portable! While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Lucy has, it has all the other requisites I wanted, such as precise turn-by-turn directions, including spoken road names via text-to-speech. Most importantly, it also comes with 1.3 million POIs pre-loaded.

We received Homer in the mail late last week and on the day we received it, Luke got it all set up by loading the maps and changing the preferred settings. He took it out for a test drive one day this week when he had a client meeting. He commented that it works great, and for the price, it's a great investment. I haven't had the chance to take Homer out yet myself, but pretty sure that I will like it just as much.

This Saturday we are taking Homer out for another test. We are heading up to Maryland for something exciting (cue suspenseful music)! Many many more details to come!


  1. Hands-down, the best bang for the buck for lil GPS devices with TTS. Not only that, it's so easy to add extra maps that it's not even funny. The stock 2100 only had the 48 states, but with some lite modding, it now has all of North America (US & Canada) along with Hawaii. I've got western and eastern EU maps ready to stick in there as well, but I don't want to use up a 4GB SD card just yet.

    I wonder where we're going this weekend? What's in Maryland!?!?

  2. GPS is great. I don't know I travelled w/o it before. You got a good deal.

  3. our Garmin Nuvi we got last Feb. went kaputt when we were in Niagara 2 weeks ago. Now we are looking for a new one. :(


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