My Eyeglasses Days Are Over

Part I and II

I survived. After weeks of worrying, I was in and out in under 2.5 hours. This morning I woke up and read the time on my alarm clock without having to reach for my glasses. I can read the license plates from my bedroom window. Ultimately, I can do lots of things now, without saying, "wait, let me get my glasses." Things are looking good!

We arrived bright and early yesterday morning. The procedure itself only took about 10 minutes. The rest of the time were spent waiting and doing some last-minute tests. The procedure was definitely a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. For the most part, I am very happy with LasikPlus. Except for the receptionist who has zero customer service, the rest of the staff are all very friendly. Dr. Wills is the doctor and I personally know 3 other people who had the surgery performed by him. He's great.

There were two parts to the procedure. One at a time, the doc placed a ring on my eye to hold it open while creating the corneal flap. While creating the flap, I felt slight pressure on my eye. This was probably the most uncomfortable part of the procedure. The ring and the pressure made my eyes water. It really helped that the doctor walked me through the procedure. He told me what he was going to do before he did it.

Because I opted for the custom Wavefront Lasik, which provided a higher level of safety and accuracy, I moved to another table after the flaps were created. On this table, the flaps were lifted and the laser beam reshaped my corneas. I was asked to focus on a red blinking light. I did great on my right eye, but on my left, I couldn't focus well. so the doctor had to stop and start the laser several times doing the treatment. Once the laser made the necessary adjustments to the corneas, the corneal flaps were replaced. Few eyes drops later, I was done!

As soon as I stood up, although a bit cloudy, I could see! After I got home, Luke went to work and I went to rest my eyes. For the first 4 hours, my eyes watered like they never had before. I don't think I ever shed so many tears in my entire life. I made myself comfortable by keeping my eyes pretty much closed for the rest of the day. It was simply hard to keep them open.

I woke up this morning and my left eye is a bit irritated. I feel like I have a torn contact lens in my eye. We just got back from the doctor's a while ago for the day-after checkup. Good news is that I can already read 20/20! The bad news is that my left eye is indeed a bit inflamed so I am using eye drops every 1/2 hour. Hopefully this will get rid of the inflammation. I am scheduled for another checkup this Sunday.

All in all, no complaints so far. I can't wait until I am all healed up!


  1. glad it all worked out.

  2. this thing hurts! I definitely didn't get enough numbing drops cuz I felt the intralase slice open my eye. nothing like the feeling of paper-cuts on your eye early in the morning. You definitely lucked out. Oh well, it was only my right eye, my left one was numbed out all the way.

    But yeah, like the Suggy says, Lasik is great! So long as you have someone to help take care of you afterwards. Joyce made sure I was all relaxed and well fed all day Sunday. Danku oh!


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