Pretty Word Picture

I am amazed everyday by the quirky tools out there, free of charge. Take Wordle, for example, you can make a word portrait out of any collection of words. Used right, the portrait is pretty and meaningful. Bonus- it is super easy to customize to your liking by playing with the font, colors, placement, word size, etc.

I used our wedding vows for my initial test and it turned out great! The generator enlarges words the more times they appear in the text, so the key words stand out. This is totally frame-worthy, can be screen-printed on a t-shirt, or gocco'ed onto a card. :) With a pretty design, the possibilities are truly endless!

Few more examples:

I Carry Your Heart With Me
- e.e. cummings

Feels Like Home
- Chantal Kreviazuk

From This Moment On
- Shania Twain

Have fun!


  1. how did you learn of ee cumming's i carry you heart with me?

  2. akanie,

    From the movie, In Her Shoes. I also read the book, it's pretty good if you are looking for a summer read.


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