Chincoteague: We Be Biking!

The morning before we left for home, Luke and I went on our very first bike ride together! A tandem, no less! It was so much fun, despite that my knee kept on hitting the handle bar and it left me with an ugly bruise.

Bike Rental - The Bike Depot on Maddox
Duration - 2 hours
Cost - $12
The Experience - Priceless

I made a (very) brief movie using clips of videos we recorded and inserted some still images. The music is a nod to the awesome show we had just finished watching days prior to the trip. I used iMovie for this little production. It was my first time playing with the application. Very fun! I will be starting to work on my next film shortly. :) Watch for Pargo Movie, coming soon to the computer near you in July 2008.

We biked for full 2 hours, or should I say, Luke biked while I relaxed my legs. :) From The Bike Depot, it was only a 4-minute ride to Assateague Island. We didn't do a cost comparison between The Bike Depot and the other rental places. The Bike Depot is the closest to Assateague so the prices could've been a bit higher, but it was worth it for us since we were short on time.

Ahbow-rella, ahbow-rella, go faster!

In addition to biking, we also walked the one trail that we missed the day before, which is the Lighthouse trail (1/4 mile). It is the shortest trail inside the Refuge. To go to the top is $4. We skipped it.

We made one last stop to the beach.

There is a petting pony zoo right next to The Bike Depot. At first I was afraid to pet the pony, but these two brave little girls assured me it was okay. :)

This concludes my posts on our trip to Chincoteague. My final thoughts? A great destination doesn't have to be foreign or far away, sometimes it can be right in your own backyard! Go explore locally. I highly encourage it.

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  1. if you are interested in biking on the w&od trail at vienna you can go to

    let us know if you are interested :) we haven't bike in 1.5 years but will be fun to start again.

  2. something about riding bikes just rocks. if the roads around here weren't filled with cars, i'd gladly ditch my car and peddle everywhere. but alas, that is not the case.

    but anyways, this was the high light of the weekend. riding around with joyce was a blast and something i will never forget. tandem bikes are cool, except i didn't communicate too well with joyce so her knees got banged up a few times during sudden stops (sudden to her anyways). she made a kickass video of this little moment of our lives together. pretty cool Tong! good job, A++.


  3. oh yeah, i should prolly mention that we almost met our maker several times trying to take pictures of ourselves while riding around. so don't think we're posers and just sat still for those pics, we were on the move baby! primarily because we didn't want to be mosquito food and I was sweating buckets so I needed the breeze. weeeeeeee!!!

  4. My bruise is healing well though. It has only been a week and it's 90% healed. I would ride the tandem again in a heartbeat!


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