Sugarlens At Work

My adorable assistant (aka husband, pictured above) likes to take pictures of me at work, as very evident by this collection I have here. Although I have had biggie for almost 2 months now, I am still discovering something new about it everyday. Regardless of whether or not I master it, having these oh-so-neat pictures of me in action are already worth it for me! I especially like the one above. :)

All pictures taken at Chincoteague/Assateague by my assistant and edited by me.

Capturing the Chincoteague drawbridge.

Taking a shot of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Zooming-in to the wild ponies.

Documenting the deserted Main Street.


  1. of taking pictures...? But yeah, it's a hard life being me. I'm just her mule, I take her here and there, I carry stuff when she gets tired. But oh well, that's what husbands are for I guess... -_-


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