Spring Planting: 50% Successful

Part I, II, III, IV, and V

It has been more than a month since I last updated on the progress of my herbs. Sadly, the cilantro plant died a few weeks ago. We don't know what happened, but after a big harvest one day, it just never grew back. I think part of the reason may be that it never really fully recovered from the incident. We haven't gotten around to start again from scratch, but definitely planning on it!

Ever since moving the basils to bigger pots, they have grown wonderfully! We have harvested several times after moving them to their new home (with the latest harvest just mere days ago).
With the warming weather, they are staying really happy and healthy. The stems are getting thicker and the plants are getting bushier. I am looking forward to a summer of cooking with basils.

Sugar's Tips (for growing basils):

- When the seedling stems appear tall and thin, they are probably not getting enough light. Make sure they get enough light to grow.
- Water plants lightly daily. Keep the soil moist.
- Buy big pots. The bigger the better. Space them AT LEAST an inch apart to give them room to grow.
- Rotate the pots frequently to ensure even growth.
- Make plants bushy by pinching off the top two pairs of leaves once a stalk reaches a reasonable height. The more you do this (without overdoing it), the more new shoots the plant will send out, becoming bushy instead of tall and sparse. You end up with more plant overall.

Even though the cilantro didn't make it, I am going to go ahead and check off #34 anyway. =p


  1. ummm, yeah, i think we underestimated the amount of basil we would be getting this year. the suckers just keep on growing and growing. we toss them in whatever we cook but even that isn't enough to stem their growth. but yeah, it was sad to see the cilantro go. but that's life, our baby cilantro is not in a better pot up in heaven.


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