Pargo's Day Out @ Great Falls Park

This past Saturday we took Pargo to Great Falls Park. The park, roughly a 25-minute drive for us, is situated on 900 acres, along the banks of the Potomac River. The most pictured location in the park is probably the one above, which was taken at Overlook 3. There are 3 overlooks, all within 10 minutes from one another. Overlook 3 offers the best view; although we went to all of them. The waterfalls total 76 feet over a series of major cascades. I have been to the park a number of times, but this time with biggie slung around my neck, I took a few pictures that I am quite proud of!

We walked the River Trail, which offers opportunities to view the Potomac River. The trail, 2.4 miles round-trip, is overall a very easy walk, with some rock climbing along the river's edge.

The trail is so easy that even Pargo can do it! Pargo was off leash most of the time, even though pets were supposed to be on leash. :) He never ran too far though, such a good dog.

With a nice camera and natural beauty, it's hard to mess up on the pictures! :)

Aside from having the view of the Potomac River, towards the end of the trail, we were surrounded by tall trees.

Pargo had a great time and got more exercise than he had in months. The next day he laid on the couch for at least 4 hours straight, recovering from the hike.

It's a long rugged road...(literally!)

"Ew, Mom, don't kiss me in public!"


  1. What are all those strange people doing in all of the pictures? It's like, I see gogo in there and then there's these strangers standing near him. So rude! Like they couldn't get out of the way or something.

    At least there was one good shot of the lone beast on the trail all by himself. I like that one the most. Tho the others do show how the beast can blend into the wild rocks. Yes, sneaky little animal he is. Yes...

  2. Beautiful pictures. Someday I'm going to catch up and read all of your blog entries! I'm glad I found your blog. :)


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