Lasik Update

Part I, II, and III

A good chunk of change later, both Luke and I are done! We now have perfect 20/15 vision and couldn't be happier! I have been recovering since Thursday and except for a little inflammation on my left eye (which is gone now), everything is good. Luke had his surgery on Sunday. Unfortunately for him, as he said in the comment section of my earlier post, his right eye was not completely numbed so he felt the cut. Ouch. I'd have totally freaked out if I was him. But Luke was a trooper and didn't complain...until he got home. :) Anyway, it's all good now. We both have a little bit of red blotches in our eyes, but it's normal.

For the next couple of days, Luke and I will still diligently use the eye drops every 4 hours and wear the goggles to sleep. We will keep water out of our eyes and wear sunglasses whenever we are outside. It's important to keep up with this routine until we are completely healed.

I am already seeing the benefits of Lasik. Everyone I talked to is right - it can really change your lifestyle. I am looking forward in being more active! For those people who are considering Lasik, I highly endorse it!


  1. yup, the vision is crisp and the blood spots are fading. life is good. especially now that we've ditched those annoying ass sleep goggles. it's next to impossible to have a good nites sleep with those things on.

  2. And today is my last official day of doing eye drops. I will keep on using them until I finish though. Lasik is the best!

  3. Oh! I am SOOO jealous! I want lasik so much. I've been in glasses since I was in 4th grade...blah! I'm ready to not have to worry about glasses or contacts!!

    Glad to hear the surgeries went well...that is the only thing that I'm concerned about if I have it done. Though the whole not being numb thing is kinda freaking me out. : )

  4. Hi Abbey,

    Thanks for reading my blog! Lasik was scary for me too, but I talked to lots of people who had it and they all assured me that it was the best thing they ever did. I was still worried, but I just went for it. Luckily, it worked out well for me. Good luck!

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