Lasers & Guns

by Guest
Part I

We're gonna do it. We're gonna drop about a months salary on our heads in two weeks. Actually, it will be in our heads. I've finally been able to talk Joyce into getting lasik done on her eyes. Her vision is three times worse than mine and she hates to wear glasses. She refuses to replace her five-year-old pair, so she wears contacts most of the time. I see all the hassles that she has to deal with, so I'm glad she's finally going for it. I don't mind wearing glasses, but I hate not being able to see clearly without them. Of course, for something like this, I couldn't let her go at it alone, so I'll be getting my eyes done a few days after hers. We're both opting for the laser cutting method but Joyce will be spending a bit more on a fancier tracking/wavefront laser because her eyes are more severe than mine. I'm sure things will go smoothly for both of us, if not, we've got the lifetime treatment thing so they better get it right eventually. Definitely looking forward to the first morning we wake up and able to see everything without fumbling around for our glasses. Yeah, lasers are cool, but guns are even cooler.

Guns are great! Especially the digital kind. I had finished GTA4 a few weeks ago, just in time for the beginning of my summer semester. The game has various paths and I've only tried two of them. I got all the bad endings though. I think the game was trying to teach me something, you know, like revenge is bad and forgiveness is good. Every chance I had to let someone live, I chose to cap their asses instead. Oh well, I'll have to go back and try to be a nicer gangster later. But that is not gonna happen anytime soon! Joyce handed me a gift from heaven today, MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. Talk about a big surprise, she despises this hobby of mine, but she still knew I had been wanting it. I've been playing Metal Gear games since waaaay back in the day of the old NES in the late 80s and have not stopped since. So when Metal Gear Solid 4 came out this week, getting my hands on it was a no brainer. Thanks Tong!


  1. Yes, we are taking the plunge and hopefully everything will work out at the end! It will be nice never have to deal with finding glasses and buying contact lens solutions again!


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