My New Skin Care Routine

Now that I can walk out of the house without wearing glasses or contact lens, it's saving me at least 3 minutes every morning. I like to take that a step further and shorten my makeup routine as well. Right now, my routine consists of moisturizer, liquid foundation to cover flaws, powder to avoid shine, and a bit of blush and mascara. It’s simple and basic, but I like to get rid of the foundation part. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with clear skin. It's my fault. Years of abusing my skin have left me with uneven skin tone and scars. On top of that, I have dark circle under my eyes - my nightly ten-hour beauty sleep doesn't help a bit.

So I really want to start a skin care routine - something I can stick with in the long run. I have a gazillion little cosmetic samples that I have collected over the years. For the past few days, I have been using Elizabeth Arden’s toner and Clinique’s Visible Skin Renewer samples. Maybe it’s all psychological, but I do feel like my skin is smoother and more glow-y. I was going to try all my samples first before deciding which one works best (and perhaps ending up at the drugstore)...until I saw the ad in the Sunday paper. I've always liked Clinique so this was a no-brainer. Free gift with a $25 purchase. I actually like the samples included in the free gift too! Perfecto!

I made a dash to the mall after work today and picked up several goodies from Clinique. My new nightly routine will be - cleasner to make my skin squeaky clean, toner to exfoliate/clean any last lingering dirt, moisturizer, skin tone corrector (per the cosmetic lady's suggestion), and a dab of eye cream. My cousin suggested putting warm towel over my eyes for 10 minutes each day to help with the dark circles. I will give that a try too. Hopefully if I keep up with everything, I will be able to get away without using any foundation. That's my ultimate goal.

What's your skin care secret and do you have any tips for me?

Above collage of my favorite Clinique treats was made using Polyvore, one of my new favorite applications.


  1. hmph! you ditched me. i was supposed to goto the barber and get this rug on my head mowed down a bit, but you went ahead and ditched me. that's fine, i see how it is. as payback, i'm gonna grow my hair down to my ass and braid the thing with corn rolls. yup!


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