Cool Tees

Threadless has been around for quite some time now. It’s a cool site where anyone can submit designs for t-shirts. Users then vote on the designs, and the most popular ones are made into t-shirts and sold on the Threadless site.

I’ve been eyeing their t-shirts for a while now, but their prices are too rich for my blood. Some of their shirts are really cute and fun so I keep on coming back every now and then. Well, just my luck, they are having a Summer Blockbuster Sale where almost every t-shirt is only $10! (sale ends on 6/8 - today!)

Luke and I went through the designs and picked out a couple of favorites. At the end, we couldn't decide between the following two designs so we got them both! Can't wait to be matchy matchy on our future trips. :)

(Camouflage/Lil' Soap)


  1. Hell yeah mofos, we'll be sportin some slick diggs in Orlando this year. Woohoo! Take that Mickey! We don't need ur mouse ear propaganda! Thanks Bongs, hope I'm not too chubby for the large.


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