Chincoteague: A Very Tiny Town

Most people consider Chincoteague Island just a place to sleep and eat before heading to Assateague Island. I can see why. Chincoteague is a sleepy small town, with only 2 major roads. From one tip of the island to the other is only 5 miles long - we know because we drove it. Besides the 2 major roads, Main and Maddox, where restaurants, art galleries, bike rentals, small museums, gift shops, hotels, and ice cream parlors can be found, the majority of the island is occupied by vacation homes. We know that too because we walked the residential streets too, and most of them looked empty (tourist season doesn't start until later in June) and had the "Vacation Rental" sign in the yard.

It doesn't take too long to visit Chincoteague. For us, it took 2 or 3 hours. A collage of pictures taken one early morning of Main Street.

Luke and I stayed at the lovely Waterside Inn during our stay on Chincoteague Island. Our hotel has a private pier for fishing and crabbing. During sunset, the view is breathtaking.

Standing at the end of the pier, I took this picture of our hotel. Our hotel is located right at the tip of the pier, the buildings on the left are condominiums. The hotel has 3 floors and the third floor offers the best view, which is also the most expensive.

The Waterside Inn is located in Main street, which while very nice, is nothing compared to Maddox. Maddox is where all the actions are! Our room was clean and the hotel ground was beautiful with rose bushes, but Luke and I would probably choose a hotel on Maddox next time we visit.

I have a dozen of these kind of pictures. And an equal number of pictures of me holding biggie up to my face.

On Maddox, we found an ice cream shop called Island Creamery where everything is homemade. It is voted by Travelocity as Local Secrets, Big Finds. Very true!

My strawberry sorbet was too die for on a hot summer day. It tasted so fresh and there were strawberry chunks in it.

Luke ordered a sundae with hot fudge and caramel. He enjoyed it too.

We also tried Mister Whippy on Maddox. We shared a strawberry shortcake sundae (homemade yellow cake, vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream). Delicious! (pictures taken using our SD800)

Coming from the VA side, a stop by Chincoteague is unavoidable. The only way into Assateague is through this town. Although small, there are still hidden gems. We definitely discovered some of them and will definitely be back!

Sugar's Tip & Advice For Your Visit:

- Stay away from Saigon Village on Main. The place is overpriced and the food is blah. After 30 dollars worth of food, Luke and I left hungry. Seriously.
- But we enthusiastically recommend Great Wall 2 on Maddox! We had lunch there and ordered more food to-go.
- Find a hotel on Maddox, the closer to Assateague Island the better. Check out Refuge Inn.
- Walk or bike to Assateague Island = save $5 car entrance fee
- Eat at Island Creamery and get the sorbet!
- A long weekend trip is perfect for Chincoteague/Assateague. Just enough to do, without getting bored. The beach at CNWR isn't like other major beach, with boardwalk and all. This is a sleepy little town.
- Walk the trails in CNWR at least once (you notice a lot more wildlife).
- But it is just as important to bike through the trails at least once (to enjoy the overall atmosphere at a faster pace).
- Bug repellent is a must for Woodland trail. A must, people!

Up next: our adventurous bike ride (hopefully in the form of a slideshow!)

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  1. Nice post oh, very good stuff. The island is really small and has a charm all its own. Nothing really to get excited about, but just a nice change of pace and scenery from what most of us are used to. But like the post, my favorites are the two homemade ice cream shops. And yes, the Saigon Village is nothing like the Vietnamese shops one can get in other cities. It doesn't hold a candle to half the shops here in Fairfax. Maybe we shoulda just broke down and tried some of the local seafood here. Then again, we're not big fans of American seafood

  2. Great pictures and travel advice! Will definitely need to bring the boys here when they're a little older and can ride bikes. The pictures of wildlife are amazing - I had to show those to my dad, who works for the National Wildlife Refuge System. What a fun uncrowded weekend vacation, and hopefully less traffic coming back then if you'd gone to VA Beach.


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