Book Review: Love The One You Are With

Over the course of my last two trips, I brought along Love The One You Are With and read it whenever I had some downtime. I finally finished it early this week. FINALLY.

Emily Giffin reeled me in with her first two fantastic novels – Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Her third novel, Baby Proof, started to go down hill. I was hoping that her latest novel would match up to her early books but alas, it hit rock bottom.

Emily Giffin's new book has a very conventional storyline: girl meets (and marries) the seemingly perfect guy. Then she runs into an ex, one who dumped her years earlier and disappeared. She finds that she still has feelings for the ex, and starts questioning her marriage and her life. Suddenly the husband doesn't seem so perfect and the pull of her alluring ex tempts her towards a decision that will have lifelong consequences.

The main character, Ellen, was unlikable and unsympathetic. While I think it's normal to doubt your marriage at times, I found her attitude toward her best friend and her husband unsettling. I disliked her for her superior attitude. I also thought Giffin's depiction of southerners is rude and stereotypical.

I absolutely loved Something Borrowed and Something Blue and consider them as my favorite books. Giffin has an amazing talent and I am hoping that her next offering fares better.

Summer is the perfect time for non mind stretching novels, any recommendations for my next read? What are you currently reading?


  1. we have so much in common that it's not funny :p i also read something borrowed and reading something blue (attempting to)....

  2. say what? did anyone else notice this...

    "...I think it's normal to doubt your marriage at times..."

    whoa there baby! It's only been like 9 months and you're already at that stage? @_@ should I be worried or something? I swear, women!

    Anyways, back to the post, those girly books are just that, for girls. I, who happens to not be a girl, reads quality garbage by Richard Laymen and Jack Ketchum. They are billed as horror authors, but they're more disturbing than scary. Seriously, Ketchum's "The Girl Next Door" is wrong at so many levels. I've tried reading that book two times but could never bring myself to finish it. Just too raw for me.

    But with dumbass classes and work in the way, I haven't picked up one of their stories in a while. Hmm...maybe it's time to cut down PS3 time and stick in some book time...

  3. holy crap, i did a disservice to Sir Richard. It should've been Richard Laymon, not Laymen as I typed above.

  4. I don't doubt anything, nope. I just saying that it's understandable for people to when life-altering things happen, and that was certainly the case with Ellen. Yup!

    Either way, I don't think it's "right" to doubt, because once you marry, you make a lifelong committment. But it's a fact that divorces happen all the time, and in some cases, it's understandable why couples decide to go their separate ways.

    "The Girl Next Door" sounds disturbing just by its title. Stay away please.


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