Tag, You are It

This little survey/quiz has been floating around on blogs for a while now. Even though no one tagged me, I want to join the fun! So here I go!

What did you do 10 years ago?
In 1998, I had just finished my second year of college. I left VA Tech and transferred to UVA (call me a "Waho"). I spent the summer in between in Taiwan vising family, eating, and had an overall awesome time at the Love Boat…I mean, Study Tour.

Five items on your to-do list:
- Show up for my lasik appointment (I am getting really antsy)
- Organize closet and donate clothes
- Walk more
- Start gooco-ing again
- Plan our Christmas holiday (What? It's not too early)

Snacks I enjoy: I have several and they change constantly depending on my mood. My all time favorite indulgence would have to be [any tropical fruit] sorbet though. Oh, and warm chocolate chip cookies. They are lethal. I also love waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A. Mmmmm....I love the salty goodness! Lastly, can't forget about Doritos.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
- Retire [our families too]
- Invest wisely
- See the world
- Have property in all our favorite places
- Oh, and no more real work [instead, I would volunteer a ton]

Places I would live:
- San Francisco
- But I think San Diego would be equally nice

Jobs I have had:
- Babysitter
- Sales Associate (fancy talk for cashier)
- AV Girl
- Food Service Worker
- Business/IT Consultant

Bloggers I am tagging: I am late in this game, but if you are reading this and haven't done it before, consider yourself tagged!

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  1. What in the world is this thing? So weird. No more tagging for you young lady! Just stay in bed and rest those lasiked eyes. No playing silly games like this. nope!


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